One-sided cutting table no. 2

One-sided cutting table on. 1

Two-sided cutting table

Pe plastic boards for cutting tables

Table with outlet

Table with raised edge and outlet

Table for stuffer

Work table

Description of the category

Brokelmann furniture and gastronomic equipment is made of high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel, which has excellent tolerance of temperatures used in the kitchen environment and resistance to the corrosive effects of acids occurring in food products.

Thanks to a wide selection of various models and sizes, we obtain great arrangement possibilities.


Round shape boiling pot

Round shape boiling pot with heat insulation

Round shape boiling pot with stirrer

Boiling pot on. 2

Boiling pot with stirrer

Boiling pot with variable speed control stirrer on. 2

Steam boilig pot

Boiling pot

Description of the category

We can boast many years of experience in the production of industrial cooking boilers.

The first models of boilers left our production line in the 1970s.

Our boilers are characterized by a long service life, high quality of workmanship, high work culture and economy of use.


Disinfection Cabin Full-Sanit Cab, Disinfection Chamber

Washbasin with knee switch

Washbasin with sensor switch

Washbasin with sensor switch and water heater

Washbasin with sensor switch and back wall

Washbasin on leg

Washbasin trough with knee switch

Washbasin trough with sensor switch

Description of the category

Brokelmann’s offer of equipment and articles dedicated to maintaining particular hygiene standards includes, among others,

– easy to install, ergonomic gutters and washbasins of various types (with a knee switch, sensor switch),

– washers for aprons and shoes (also tall)

– and integrated hygiene stations and centers, as well as sterilizers and dispensers.

Cabinet Table

Cabinet table with higned door

Cabinet table with sliding door

Cabinet table with sliding door and chest of drawers

Corner cabinet table

Chest of drawers

Cloakroom set

Cabinet table with shelf

Description of the category

Our offer includes articles intended for use at various stages of the process – both during the preparation, storage, transport and display of food.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used and their careful processing, our products enable the maintenance of appropriate hygienic standards in the food processing industry.

Wardrobes and Storage Racks

Locker for cleaning products

Multifunctional wardrobe 4 shelves, 1 stick

Multifunctional wardrobe 4 shelves

Clothes’ wardrobe single compartments

Wardrobe for clothes double compartments

Sectional wardrobe

Valuables locker

Wardrobe with bench

Description of the category

We deliver our products in a wide range of options and sizes, which allows for precise adaptation of the equipment to the needs and specificity of the operation of a given plant.

Manufactured by our company meet all sanitary standards and requirements for contact with food.

Transport carts and scales

„H” type smokehouse trolley

Euro container transport trolley

„Z” type smokehouse trolley

Euro container transport trolley with handle

Trolley for transport trolleys

Handle for transport trolley

Aluminium smoking stick

Stainless steel smoking stick

Description of the category

We offer products and products including transport trolleys for poultry meat scales.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality steel with excellent parameters and precise finish, our products are perfect for, among others, meat production plants, large kitchens and in all other places where particularly high hygiene standards must be met.


Single or double chamber sink with shelf, grid or cabinet

Single or double chamber sink without drainer

Single or double chamber sink with drainer

Description of the category

Stainless steel has many features that determine its use in industries that require special hygiene standards.

Low porosity of the surfaces made of stainless steel facilitates their cleaning and disinfection and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Check out our offer for sinks.

Production world leader

Thanks to many years of experience, the highest quality of our products and the knowledge of the industry, we are the world leader in the production of stainless steel equipment. Solutions designed and produced by us for the food industry are appreciated by the customers all over Europe and beyond.

We design

Our own design office and the team of qualified specialists allow us to adjust the design to the individual requirements of the client precisely. If you need something that is not in our regular offer, we will design it for you specifically.


We produce

Modern machine park equipped with high-class specialized equipment for thermal and plastic processing of stainless steel (including 5-axis 3D laser, TIG and MIG welding) and an experienced team are a guarantee of reliable, careful and timely production of our products.


We deliver

We have our own, efficiently managed logistics department, which is why we are able to deliver the ordered machines and devices to any place. The size of the order does not matter – we implement and deliver both individual devices, as well as comprehensive equipment for production lines.


We are all over the world!

The Brokelmann company supplies its products to over 86 countries around the world, which makes us one of the most recognized brands in the food equipment industry.

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